How to Sell google to a Skeptic

When we are discussing Google SEO and Google Rankings what we are really discussing is the ability to rank your site high in Google for a given keyword. There are many aspects to consider when attempting to rank your site highly in Google, it is said that Google takes into account over 200 factors when assessing where a site should rank.


Google SEO is the process of increasing the quality and volume of your website in the Google search engine through search results. If a company wants to stay at the top of Google search engine results, then it has to handle Google requirements and keep up with the changes. There are certain Google SEO rules or certain positives that one can use in order to get higher rankings including:

One of the basic Google rules is to get your chosen keyword in your URL and keeping in mind first word is best and second word is second best or less important.

The second rule is including keyword in domain name or the page name with hyphen and including keyword in title tag at the top of the page. The title tag can be up to 60 characters with no special characters. It can be longer but it is said the first 60 characters provide the most weight.

The keyword density should be 3% to 7% of the total words. Some topics are sensitive so keyword density varies with the topic. The other trick is using keyword proximity. This basically refers to how close your keywords are together.


The keyword prominence is another factor deterring Google SEO ranking. It is important that a keyword is used in bold, in large fonts and at the top of the page. The closer the keyword is to the top of the page, the more weight it will be given for ranking factors.

You must take internal linking into account and the keywords you choose to anchor your links with. Use you chosen keyword when targeting links whether internally or externally. This will increase your on page relevance and help bolster your results.

Also take into account those you link too and those that link to you. Being associated with google a spam site is the last thing you need when attempting to rank highly. You may have heard of the term bad neighborhood, well that is what it refers, how Google gets to your site and where it goes when it leaves.

Most webmasters who regularly use SEO techniques will be fully aware of "Google insight for search" and how it can be used to research the keywords you wish to optimize your site for. For those of you who are not familiar with Google Insight, please read on and learn how to use it in your SEO campaign.

Google insight has a full range of different tools to help you focus your SEO campaign and select keywords that are going to be profitable in the long run as well as in the short term. You have a number of ways to search on Google Insight, you can search by term, image, product and news search.

The information you get back will show search trends over a time period, it will also let you check out different geographical locations as some keywords will no doubt be more popular in different locations. You can even split the results into regions, this is a great help for geographically targeted SEO campaigns as you can see how different areas search Google.

Another great way to use Google Insight for search is to make use of noted search spikes, there may be something that causes a particular increase in keyword use every year, you can use this spike to drive relevant traffic to your site.

It will also show you keywords or key phrases that are growing in popularity compared to the ones which are actually declining. A keyword may seem profitable, but is it going to be profitable in 12 months, Google Insight is a great tool to set up your campaign for future success.

On top of all this Google Insight also let's you compare similar keywords to see which ones are worth targeting and which ones may be on their way out, it will also provided you with a selection list of keywords with high search demand, that Google considers are relevant to your query.

Keyword research is fundamental to the success of your SEO campaign and simply knowing how much traffic comes from a particular phrase is simply not enough anymore, you need to know how that keyword has performed historically and what competition for the keyword is like. It is a great tool to add to your already established SEO arsenal, use it to create new keyword focused pages and change old keywords that are decreasing in demand and popularity.